3" Mandrel Bent Exhaust Systems

We only use aluminised steel in the construction of our exhausts as it has excellent corrosion resistant properties and is less susceptible to cracking when subjected too harsh vibrations or rock strikes
Our 3” mandrel bent exhaust systems eliminate pressure bottlenecks and allow exhaust gasses to flow smoothly out of the tailpipe enabling your engine to develop more power. Power gains of around 10% are common as the turbo can spool faster getting you onto boost in less time- increasing torque and throttle response while improving fuel economy.
With standard features such as mandrel bends thought-out, turbo dump pipes with integrated exhaust gas temperature (EGT) ports, 10mm flange plates and double braided stainless steel flex you can rest assured you are buying a quality Australian made exhaust system that’s backed with our 2 year no fuss warranty.
For your convenience a DIY fitting kit is supplied complete with gaskets, nuts and bolts. We also ship our product Australia wide.